Lottery numbers are not so random after all !

I have purchased and used Gail Howard’s lottery system software and I agree with the testimonials that numbers DO form patterns with sufficient data.

Since I have been using her systems, I have been winning about $30 per game by playing 10 tickets at $1 per ticket. Then I just keep using my winnings to play again. I have read “Lottery Master Guide” by Gail Howard and I agree with many readers that there are many charts to understand and master. In addition, I do have her software which makes the process easier and since using her software I have won more than before. She has done great work in creating something that can help millions of people if they are to the challenge and a little fun too.

Although there are many methods and charts she uses in the ‘Lottery Master Guide” ; I have discovered there is another missing piece that could be essential to her software. For anyone who has used the software the “History View Filter” comes close in finding which numbers play most frequently on specific game days. This feature works great but you have to run two instances of the program using different filters to see the differences in the total hits in each of the numbers. It would be great if total hits by day was displayed on the “Quick Pick chart”. The other drawback is when restoring back to the original settings, the user must be careful to not erase any game history. The potential is there if you are looking for it.

The funny thing is… I was one of the biggest skeptics since I had written my own version using access VBA and found that Gail Howard was right on the money.

Gail Howard claims:

“That which is MOST POSSIBLE happens MOST OFTEN.
That which is LEAST POSSIBLE happens LEAST OFTEN.”

So I tested the theory and she is most accurate. I tested a group of numbers that I have played in the past (they were not winners) to playing a new set every game and found that the numbers I had played in the past against the past 10 games were not even close. The new formulated sets of numbers for 5 games ($5.00) where closer to the point of getting all 5 numbers (on different panels) with the bonus number but, they did result in some winnings as opposed to playing the same numbers over and over again. Those old numbers had “sleepers” in them. They were not checked to see if they were “cold” numbers. So I would have lost money using those numbers repeatedly.

If there are others using her systems, please post your findings and I will do the same.

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