Smart Luck Software

SmartLuck by Gail Howard is a great tool for a more calculated lottery pick. However, there is alot to learn about her processes and understanding what all the charts mean. After reading her books, I still have to return for a refresher.

So after I noticed the difference in the frequency of my wins, I decided to search the internet for blogs where people are charing their experiences with using the software and/or techniques they use and low and behold there was none. I’m not sure it this is the best kept secret, but I think sharing tips would not be such a big deal. So know I am here meandering around the blogging world to share and maybe gain new some new insights on using SmartLuck.

If you find this of any interest to you. post your findings here. Lottery systems can be fun when you are winning more than you are losing. For those who do not have any of the SmartLuck products; you may be able to pick up some pointers in the interum.

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