Alot of Lotto Number Crunching

Ok, it’s been a long time since my last post. Ok really long time. I have found that a lottery player will need to spend at least 30min – 1 hour to pick numbers effectively for any lottery game. Using Smartluck is a great too but sometimes you just need more. Another great tool is “Lotto Buster Pro”, I have been using this more than the SmartLuck Program.

In evaulating this site, I have come closer to more winnings. The software is a little crude, however the tools it does provide is invaluable.

There is a consistancy that I did find between the two softwares and that is … not all of the updates are accurate and may require some tweaking. Another advantage to using Lotto Pro is the error checking for manually entered winning results.

Depending on what you are looking for (if you like numbers) varies and both softwares have their advantages and disadvantages.

I am now evaulating software: Lotto Combinations. This one is more complicated and crude for uploading data. Still more research is needed on this pup.

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