Adventures in Lottery Land with Wild Money

Nice to be back blogging and about “Wild Money” to say the least. Wild Money is a Rhode Island state lottery Game and once again (usually around this time) the jackpot ha grown to a substantial amount – a whopping $180,718 !! As small as Little Rhody is, it’s nice to know that some one or family won that nice (most needed in this economy) bit of change.

Wild Money is a great game to play because the odds are in favor of the player. Pick five out of thirty-five (5/35) numbers you can’t beat it. Actually, it’s five out of twenty-nine numbers if you determine there will NOT be any repeaters from the previous game. I say twenty-nine because Wild Money does have a bonus number that is selected from the remaining numbers from the same bin. Unlike Powerball and Mega Millions, the bonus ball is selected from a different bin.

The one caveat is – the player can’t select the bonus number on the betting slip. The machine picks a number and what that means to the player is more winning alternatives to the jackpot. If you get the bonus number and two or more winning numbers, then you will win one of the alternative money prizes.

At this point I thought I knew everything I could about this lottery… NO, not quite. Much to my dismay, my number-filtering-lottery-mind started off into space again and decided to call Rhode Island Lottery (RILOT) about the frequency of ball changes. I was totally astonished that a person did answer; however, could not answer my question and then connected me to a voice mail of someone who could.

At this point, I knew that I would not get a return call to answer my (what I thought) ground-breaking question, but I left a message anyway. Then I received a call ten minutes later and was not expecting Mr. Lottery (yes, I am changing his name) with a call so soon AND to answer my diabolical question. I thought he was one of the nicest people working for RILOT, until he answered my question.

The question was “How often are there ball changes?” Simple enough, right? It really can’t be that many. Well, his answer was not what I was expecting. The answer was… There are different ball sets for each game of the week and all balls are weighted the same. So of course my mind went into denial. For some reason I thought that the balls would stay put until the next game (or pull). At this point the realization, is that the balls are changed every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, with probably test runs in between. In addition to that knowledge I was also corrected about the type of balls used (from an email, brain was still ticking). The type of balls used are not ping pong balls but, hard rubber balls! Who knew!

I really could not be mad at Mr. Lottery for dropping that bomb (well maybe a little). It was no matter now that I was totally crushed and crumpled like a used lottery ticket. Having only to THINK I figured out something new to give me an edge to only be thrown back to the beginning.

This lottery game, like so many others are truly random. Yes, there are trend forming numbers like Gail Howard explains in her books, but trending numbers in pools of thirty and sixty numbers are to difficult to track and bring together for a breathtaking win. This will always be a game that is truly random. There are no tools amazing enough to pick the winning numbers, but there are software tools that can give you an edge like Gail Howard’s “The Lottery Master Guide” and so many other viable tools. Another good place to get tips is from your community at Lottery Post.

Now that I have re-assembled myself from this blow, I will focus on Powerball and Mega Millions and try to discover their secrets! And maybe wear protective eye goggles too.

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