POWERBALL Did What ?!!

Yes it’s true, Powerball went and done it again and changed their numbers and their price per ticket.

Powerball has now increased their jackpots and decreased the bonus number pool from 1/39 to 1/35, but… it’s now $2.00 per ticket. If you want to include the Powerplay to increase your winnings, then your ticket will now be $3.00 per ticket. I wonder how this will pan out, when Mega Millions is still $1.00 per play. The main advantage with Mega Millions (in my opinion) is the better odds in the main pool of numbers 1 to 56 versus Powerball’s 1 to 59. This will truly be interesting.

As for the Smart Luck Software users; there should not be huge changes since the ball change is occurring in the bonus ball pool. The main pool data (white balls) will not have to be modified and your stats will unscathed, until they decide to take or add another number to the main pool and again this will change the odds. Of course, this will mean you will have to start fresh and wait months to compile your data with the new scenario for it to be some worth (as lottery systems go). The best way to deal with this is to just exclude the bonus ball from your menus when analyzing/compiling data (which I hope you are doing that anyway). This would be the main advantage since the Bonus Ball is extracted from seperate bin.

So, in the end and with this change in the number of bonus balls; a pplayer can literally play 35 tickets with bonus numbers from 1 to 35 and win all the time. Just sayin!

Good Luck Powerball players!!