Wild Money Jackpot Reaches $294,000!

I am back, yes me the lottery enthusiast, after 4 years being on hiatus.  Life was in full swing as I navigated through the highs and lows of just “being”.   But enough about me, lets discuss Wild Money.

The Wild Money jackpot has reached a whopping $294,000! We don’t know how much higher it can go without a hit, since this is the highest it’s been since 01/24/2017 with other smaller hits in during it’s journey.   The Wild Money lottery is only available in Rhode Island, it’s still only $1.00 to play and it is a 5/35 pick game (win win there).  There is an extra ball, which is used to add a monetary bonus to non-jackpot winners with a 2 to 4 number hit.  Without the extra ball, the monetary value is much smaller with a 3 to 4 number hit.  This extra ball is drawn to increase the smaller wins of 2 to 4 numbers.  The player cannot pick the extra ball and it is not even an option on the slip, no no, we are at the mercy of the machine to pick that number to give a second glimmer of hope to get a win (of something).  With that said let’s talk strategies.

We all know that the lottery is random, we knew this for some time now and if you didn’t know, then I’m sorry (but it is).  However, trends do develop over time and numbers begin to show up more often like clock work, which enable many of us to catch a lucky streak.   But now in this new age, we have so many resources available to us.  Resources that can help increase our chances of winning, such as, websites and software.  With all of this I feel that the lottery agencies had to up their game by… say… “Hey lets add new ball sets, ball bins and oh yeah let’s rotate them too”, those rubber balls do take a beating after a while of rolling around. I get it.  Eventually, one ball will lose it’s bounce and stay on the bottom and get sucked up in the tube more frequently than the others.

There is one strategy that may stay consistent, and that is popular number patterns.  When I say “popular”, I don’t mean patterns that everyone else chooses.  I mean number patterns that have a greater chance of winning, such as, how many 1-9, 10-19, 20-29 and 30-35 number groups in the last 30-50 drawings.  If you could get all 5 number combinations for 35 numbers for a pick-5 (which I have, we’ll talk about that at a later date) and then analyze all of those patterns (with a little help from Microsoft Access), you will be able to see all of the popular patterns and discard the ones least likely to appear.

Here is an example: Wild Money’s last draw was 09-11-21-23-33.  If we look at this draw’s pattern and not focus so much on what numbers where drawn, then we will see this [S10202030].  Then take all the the history and analyze it this way in the form of total hits per pattern, you will then see popular combinations for a pick 5/35.  This is just one way to increase your odds of winning with games with higher odds.

Many of the Lottery (Lotto) software programs out there allow you to download lottery history right from the program to allow the enthusiast to manipulate that data.  One of my favorites that is easy to use is Gail Howard’s Smartluck software.  As a beginner, these books are great and easy to understand (nothing technical): Lottery Winning Stategies and Lottery Master Guide.  I have been using it for years and yes I have tried others and they are great too.  I have found that, with all of them you still need to do your due diligence in reviewing before buying.  Some of them have a steep learning curve for the beginner.

Lottery numbers are not so random after all !

I have purchased and used Gail Howard’s lottery system software and I agree with the testimonials that numbers DO form patterns with sufficient data.

Since I have been using her systems, I have been winning about $30 per game by playing 10 tickets at $1 per ticket. Then I just keep using my winnings to play again. I have read “Lottery Master Guide” by Gail Howard and I agree with many readers that there are many charts to understand and master. In addition, I do have her software which makes the process easier and since using her software I have won more than before. She has done great work in creating something that can help millions of people if they are to the challenge and a little fun too.

Although there are many methods and charts she uses in the ‘Lottery Master Guide” ; I have discovered there is another missing piece that could be essential to her software. For anyone who has used the software the “History View Filter” comes close in finding which numbers play most frequently on specific game days. This feature works great but you have to run two instances of the program using different filters to see the differences in the total hits in each of the numbers. It would be great if total hits by day was displayed on the “Quick Pick chart”. The other drawback is when restoring back to the original settings, the user must be careful to not erase any game history. The potential is there if you are looking for it.

The funny thing is… I was one of the biggest skeptics since I had written my own version using access VBA and found that Gail Howard was right on the money.

Gail Howard claims:

“That which is MOST POSSIBLE happens MOST OFTEN.
That which is LEAST POSSIBLE happens LEAST OFTEN.”

So I tested the theory and she is most accurate. I tested a group of numbers that I have played in the past (they were not winners) to playing a new set every game and found that the numbers I had played in the past against the past 10 games were not even close. The new formulated sets of numbers for 5 games ($5.00) where closer to the point of getting all 5 numbers (on different panels) with the bonus number but, they did result in some winnings as opposed to playing the same numbers over and over again. Those old numbers had “sleepers” in them. They were not checked to see if they were “cold” numbers. So I would have lost money using those numbers repeatedly.

If there are others using her systems, please post your findings and I will do the same.