Powerball Making History Again!!?


Is Powerball going to make history again with it’s whopping $400 million dollar jackpot?  We will see in tonight’s lottery pull!  Get your powerball slips ready and pick your numbers at www.simplypowerball.com

Simplypowerball shows past winning number activity from the past ten games for Powerball, Lucky for Life and Mega Millions.  I have noticed that about 2-3 numbers for Powerball does repeat within the past ten games and will highlight the winners in the most recent game but, not include them in the group of past ten games (Otherwise that past game will always be highlighted).   This nifty piece of information is on the main page will get updated at least once per week if not, every time one of the three lotteries changes.

 Simplypowerball has other great tools to help lessen those daunting odds.  This is only if you like analyzing numbers and trends.  Each game has a statistics page that displays the following:

  • Stats page – Shows number games missed since it last hit (GMO).
  • Which numbers are considered LOW or HIGH for that game.
  • Which numbers are ODD or EVEN at a glance.
  • Average number of skips for the white ball number.  So if the Games out is close to Average Skips (A.Skips) then play it!
  • The last date the number hit.
  • Total White ball Hits
  • Total Bonus ball hits
  • Total hits per play day (days vary by game)
  • Total hits in the last 8,12 and 20 games

All column headers are sort-able if you need to view them in a desired order.   Alot of the statistics are only limited to the White ball (this is free, so the kitchen sink is not in there).

This is a great tool to help you play responsibly and not break the bank on an astronomical chance.  Lottery is still random and there is no magical algorithm to get all of those numbers on the same line but you can get smaller prizes and lots of them.

A Word on Quick Picks
Quick picks are available for each lottery game as well.  The picks are based on the rules of the game and displays statistics from the database for the picks before you play them.  This is a great way to see if the combination has a good balance of numbers (Low/High and Odd/Even numbers)  and the total white ball sum.  In addition, the results will display how many times that combination won and the money value based on current payout scales.